For 1931 to 1934 Savage used a beautiful black covered catalogue with a lovely Lynn Bogue Hunt duck hunting scene applique. These are 7 1/2 inches wide by 9 1/8 inches high. There are at least five different retail price lists that were inserted in this catalogue. The first two are undated. The one that equates to the 1931 Wholesale Price list includes the Skeeter at a price of $108, while the one that equates to the January 25th, 1932, Wholesale price list includes the Trap Grade at a price of $125. The other Retail Price Lists are dated June 21, 1932; March 15, 1933; and March 1, 1934. The June 21, 1932, retail and wholesale price lists introduce the SP-/SPE-Grades. The 1933 and 1934s are the only years to list the Fox-Kautzky non-selective single trigger. It listed for $10 while the selective version was $23. The 1934 price lists are the first listing of the Fox-Sterlingworth Wildfowl, and the only listing of the Fox Special Skeet Gun.

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