1914-15 In addition to the large art "A Fox Gets the Game" catalogs of 1914 and 15 the company produced a pocket version, which included 32 unnumbered pages and had the 1914-15 prices included in the catalog. 

One with 1916 prices has not been observed. 

1917 This one has 32 numbered pages, and some are found with the Panama-Pacific Blue-Ribbon applique on the cover.

1918 The company quit printing the prices in the catalogs and went to having the prices on an insert sheet.

The earliest one I have is 36 pages and still includes the B-/BE-Grade gun, and is the first catalogue I have with the single-barrel trap guns in grades J, K, and L. The price list with this one is dated December 1st, 1919, and doesn't include the B-/BE-Grade, but does include the four grades of single-barrel trap guns -- J, K, L, and M.

The next version of this catalogue I have is 32 pages and has a price list dated February 1st, 1920.

The next of this type catalogue I have is 40 pages and includes the M-Grade single trap. This catalogue has a January 1st, 1923 dated price list that includes the HE-Grade Super-Fox in 12-gauge only, even though it is not pictured in the catalogue. There are two versions of the January 1st, 1923 price list -- one has the Super-Fox at $125 and the other has it at $100?!?

The final catalogue of this style is also 40 pages but includes the HE-Grade Super-Fox in 12- and 20-gauge, while its January 1st, 1924, dated price list still says 12-gauge only for the Super-Fox with the price still $100?!?

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