For 1915 to 1917 they changed the craft paper color to brown. These were the first catalogues to include the Fox-Kautzky Single Selective trigger. There was often a flyer on the trigger included in the 1914 catalogues. After the A.H. Fox Gun Co. won a blue ribbon at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco there were some of these catalogues with a blue ribbon applied to the cover.

All these catalogs were printed with the 1915 Net Prices and for 1916 and 17 got a paste-in IMPORTANT--Change of Prices.

Note: The November 15, 1916, prices shown on page 342 of McIntosh's Fox book are the "List Export Price" not the "Net Price" the guns were actually selling for in the U.S.  Also, on page 342/3 he shows the 1915 prices printed in the catalogs not the actual 1917 prices.  Inflation was running hot in the lead up to the U.S. entering WW-I.     

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