The Fox Sterlingworth Wildfowl grade was listed in the 1934,1935,1936 and 1940 wholesale pricelist. It was only listed in the 1934 and 1940 retail price list. The only retail catalogue to describe the Fox-Sterlingworth Wildfowl was the 1940 orange covered catalogue. McIntosh published a 1938 retail price for the Fox-Sterlingworth Wildfowl of $48 from a Distributors Price List, but it isn’t on the retail or wholesale lists for that year. The Sterlingworth Wildfowl guns were assembled from Super Fox parts left over from the Philadelphia years. Most observed and recorded serial numbers of Wildfowl models by collectors have been in the1341XX range. Some reports of a couple in the 35,1XX serial number range that apparently had gotten graded gun serial numbers but were finished up as Fox Sterlingworth Wildfowl guns. All will have automatic ejectors.. The description from the 1940 retail catalog is as follows.


12 gauge with selective automatic ejectors. Extra heavy frame and barrels- 12 gauge, 30" and 32" only. Both Barrels bored full choke. Chambered for 2 3/4" or 3" shells. Weight about 9lbs. Designed for long range shells.

Sterlingworth Waterfowl Right Side View

Sterlingworth Waterfowl Full View

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