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Pictures to bottom are of a 12-gauge SPE-Grade Skeet & Upland Game Gun, serial number 34891. It had been sent to National Sportsman for review, and was returned to Savage on Christmas Eve 1936. It was subsequently shipped in 1937 on invoice. It has a straight grip, Fox-Kautzky Single Selective trigger, recoil pad, twin ivory beads, and beavertail forearm. The leather-faced Jostam Anti-Flinch pad was badly deteriorated and it has been replaced with a brick red Silvers Pad. Dave has never found a review of the SP-/SPE-Grade Skeet Upland Game Gun in National Sportsman.

From 1935 catalog: SP Grade Skeet and Upland Game Gun 12, 16, 20 gauge

The Fox SP Grade Skeet and Upland Game Gun is an arm with black gun-metal finish frame, handsomely engraved; imported walnut stock and forend with fine mesh checkering. The length and boring of barrels are correct for use on quail, partridge, woodcock, and other upland game birds at ranges up to 35 yards. These specifications are also correct for skeet shooting

Barrels- Chromox fluid steel. 26" bored right barrel skeet cylinder, left barrel quarter choke. two ivory beads.

Frame- Forged ordnance steel. Stream line. Black gun-metal finish.

Engraving- Scroll work on frame and barrels

Action- Two trigger, extractor type

Stock- Selected walnut in hand rubbed oil finish. Straight grip, handsomely checkered. Length 14", drop at comb 1 1/2", at heel 2 1/2". Checkered walnut butt

Forend- Semi beavertail, handsomely checkered

Weight- 12 gauge, about 7 lbs, 16 gauge, about 6 lbs, 20 gauge about 5 3/4 lbs

The following extras are furnished to order on the Fox SP Grade: Automatic ejectors, Fox-Kautzky Selective single trigger, Full Beavertail forend, recoil pad, Ivory sights"

SPE Right Side View
SPE Left Side View
SPE Bottom View
SPE Forend View
SPE Top View